Australia Parcel Pickup and Delivery Service

Make your life easier with our Parcel Pickup and Delivery service

Parcel Pickup and Delivery Service Australia

In a time we need to reduce human contact, Silver-Taxi-Service has you covered.

Take Jenny for a quote. Jenny kindly offered to drop off some basics to her mum. But she’s working from home, and, she’s got three kids doing homeschool at the moment!

Bing! Goes her phone, “I want to bake Jenny! Please come soon with milk and eggs – Mum.” At the same time her kids are getting off their iPods for lunch, she has 8 emails to send in the next 15 minutes, and her husband calls at the regular time asking “How’s iso?”.  I think we can all agree it is not a good time for Jenny. As Jenny declines her husband’s call she rushes to the kitchen and whips up three-cheese toasties. Now that’s done, what about her mum

Parcel Pickup and Delivery Service Australia

Bing! “Jenny? Please respond – Mum. “Now Jenny’s sweating. But then, she remembers the post on Facebook she saw last week. Silver-Taxi-Service! Their pickup and Delivery Service. She breathes a exhale of relief while heading to the App Store and downloads the M Silver Service App. The clean layout of the app makes it extremely easy to steer her way to her mum’s happiness.

Jenny enters her home address, and then her mum’s address. Bing! “Jenny!!! – Mum.” Despite Jenny ignoring her mum she simply does not have time to explain this high – tech benefit. The time to deliver has been selected – obviously “ASAP”, she leaves a custom note designate it’s a parcel picks up, and then, “GO”.

Before another Bing! Comes through, she sends a message to her mum telling her it’s been taken care of, and for the moment, all seems right in the world


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